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Japanese Slang! How to say ” “face with no make-up” in Japanese→ Suppin 【すっぴん】(名詞)

Being without make-up is known as “suppin.”

Women who always wear make-up often dislike being seen while they are suppin. Some of them become unrecognizable when they are suppin. The differences in the way people in show business look with and without make-up are often a popular topic of conversation.

Japanese Example:
A: 写真撮るよ~。
B: えっ!ちょっと待って~。私今すっぴんなの!

A: Shashin toruyo!
B: E! chotto matte! watashi ima suppin nano!

English translation:
A:   I’m taking a photo!
B:   What?! Wait just a minute! I’m suppin right now!

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