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How to say “steal” “copy” “rip off” in Japanese? 【”Pakuru” パクる; verb】

Meaning: To steal a thing or idea; to imitate something.

Its noun form is “Pakuri.”
Slang used by some young men, primarily juvenile delinquents, in the Meiji era.
Etymologically, said to be derived from “baku” (“shackle”; “bond”), or from the Dutch word “packen” (in Japanese: “pakken”), meaning to wrap up or to seize (to nab; to capture).

Example) Conversation between two young men


A: あれ、自転車どこだ?なくなってる!
B: えー!パクられたんじゃね?

A: Are, jitensha doko da? Naku natte ru! (Hey, where’s my bike? It’s gone!)
B: E—! Bakurareta n ja ne? (Whoa—! It was ripped off, wasn’t it?!)

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