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How to study Japanese effectively

There are two ways of thinking in study methods, input and output.

Input is studying new things.
Output is using the things you have studied.

It is said that by balancing these two, one can accelerate the retention of the things you study.
For more details, check out this article.
How to improve Japanese from Intermediate level

It is the same for Japanese conversational ability.

If you lean toward input, just your knowledge increases, and your ability to apply it does not rise much. If you lean toward output, just your fluency increases, and your level plateaus because you are not expanding your vocabulary and learning new expressions.

At ILS, we include a balance of both in our training, and are always researching programs to reliably increase conversational ability.
If you feel like you have raised your Japanese conversation skills as high as they can go, you can still improve!

Nihongo Plus! Part-time group lessons

This course is particularly recommended for people who want to increase their conversation skills in a short time!
Conversation Focused Japanese Intensive Course

We always welcome counselling people who want to raise their Japanese conversation skills.
Please feel free to contact us!

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