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A friend that I hadn’t seen in a long time came to our house.
First, we needed to thank him.
“Kyou wa kite arigatou”
People from English-speaking countries often make this mistake.

The correct way to say this is:
“Kyou wa kite kurete arigatou”
Thank you for visiting us today.

The phrase “Thank you for —“, in Japanese, is said using the “te verb form,
with ”kurete” arigatou(gozaimasu).”

Benri na hyougen o oshiete kurete arigatou gozaimasu.
Thank you for teaching me an useful expression!

If you want to say it more politely, use the
“te verb form, with kudasatte /kudasari arigatou gozaimasu”
Kare no youna subarashii jinzai o shoukai shite kudasatte / kudasari arigatou gozaimasu.
Thank you for introducing us a wonderful person like him.

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