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How to say “ all-night ” in Japanese?→ Oh-ru【オール】

Meaning:’oh-ru’ comes from the English word ‘all (an abbreviation of all-night)’.  It is often used between friends.

It has the same meaning as ‘tetsuya de (all-night)’, ‘hitoban jyu (through the night)’, or ‘(yodoushi) all night long’, but is often used when you stay out all night partying.

If you study or work until morning then ‘tetsuya de’ is used.

Japanese Example: 






A:Un, kinou wa tetsuya de oh-ru dattanda.

English Translation:

A : A~h (yawning) I’m tired….

B : Didn’t you sleep?

A : Nah, I stayed out all night (oh-ru) drinking last night.

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