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Japanese Slang! How to say “ far and away the best ” in Japanese?→ Dan-totsu【断トツ】

“Dantotsu” (「断トツ」) is an abbreviation of “danzen toppu”—the “danzen” meaning “a cut above” or “absolute,” and the “toppu” meaning “first place” or “pinnacle.” It is used in many different fields—sports (primarily races), sales, popularity, and any situation to which rankings can be applied. “Dantotsu” can mean “the top” on its own, but it is often used to mean “far and away” in phrases like “dantotsu ichii” (“far and away number one”), “dantotsu de hayai” (“by far the fastest”), and “dantotsu no ninki” (“the most popular by a long shot”).

Japanese Example: 

A: 腹減った~。ラーメン食いに(=食べに)行かない?
B: いいね。どっか美味い(=おいしい)店知ってる?
A: 一軒、すげー(=すごく)美味い店があるんだよ。

【Dansei no tomodachi doushi no kaiwa】

A: Hara hetta! Ramen kuini ikanai?
B: Iine. Dokka umai mise shitteru?
A: Ikken, sugee umai mise ga arundayo. Imamade tabeta ramen no nakadewa, sokoga dantotsu de umaikara, soko ikou.

English Translation:【Conversation between two male friends】

A: Man, I’m hungry~. Wanna go grab some ramen?
B: OK. Know any good places?
A: It’s the best-tasting ramen I’ve had by a long shot. Let’s go there.

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