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Japanese Slang! How do you say ‘petty’ ‘stingy’ ‘cheap’ or ‘tight’ in Japanese?   “Sekoi  せこい”


This word means to be petty, cheap, or extremely tight-fisted.  Also, recently it has taken on another meaning ずるい, which is to be sly or cunning.

Japanese Example: 





A:Watashi no motokare sugoku sekokattano.

Itsumo warikan nanoni watashi yori osake no ryou ga ooindayo.

B:Uwaa hontou ni sekoi ne.

English Translation:

A: My ex-boyfriend was so cheap! We’d go out to eat and always split the bill 50-50, but he would always eat and drink twice as much as me!

B: Yikes, he sounds stingy.

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