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Japanese useful phrase “toriaezu, biiru!”   
「とりあえずビール!」”Beer for now” 

What do you order first when you visit a Japanese pub? (sorry to those who don’t drink)
In a Japanese pub, drinks such as sour (a mixture of sochu and juice), Japanese sake, wine, whisky and recent additions such as high ball (whisky and carbonated water) and hoppy (shochu and carbonated wheat drink) are available.

As drinks are normally ordered right after you enter, this is a handy phrase when it’s crowded or when it’s troublesome to look at the menu.

「とりあえずビール!」toriaezu, biiru! “Beer for now”

Incidentally, beer is usually served either as draft beer in a jug「生(なま)ビール」 or bottled beer「瓶(びん)ビール」 in a bottle and glass.

Phrases like
「中生(ちゅうなま)ください」chuu-mana kudasai. “Medium jug of draft beer”,
「瓶(びん)ビール、グラス二つで」bin-biiru, gurasu futatsu de. “Bottled beer with 2 glasses”

are also convenient. Please do try using them.
Or perhaps you already knew about them…

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