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Practice Japanese conversation!  “…といえば? …to ieba?”

Let’s practice Japanese conversation!

What is just the thing for _____?
This is a topic that comes up often when a new season arrives in Japan.

A: だいぶ寒くなってきましたね。
B: あったかいおなべとか、食べたいですね。
A: 本当!冬といえば、おなべですよね!

A: Daibu samuku natte kimashitane.
B: Attakai onabe toka, tabetai desune.
A: Honto! Fuyu to ieba, nabe desuyone!

A: It’s getting really cold now, don’t you think?
B: Well I want to eat some warm hotpot.
A: Really! Hotpot is just the thing for winter!

A: そろそろ夏休みですね。今年は花火を見に行けるかな。
B: そうですね。日本の夏といえば、花火ですよね。

A: Soro soro natsuyasumi desune.  Kotoshi wa hanabi miniikeru kana.
B: Sou desune.  Nihon no natsu to ieba hanabi desuyone.

A: Pretty soon it’ll be summer vacation. I wonder if I’ll get to go see fireworks this year.
B: You are so right. Fireworks are just the thing for summer in Japan.

Now, here’s a question for you!
What is just the thing for summer in Japan? How about fall or spring?
Why not try expanding on this topic together while training your small talk ability?

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