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Zenkokuji Temple- devoted to ‘Bishamonten’

On the way to Kagurazaka is the Zenkokuji Temple. From ILS it takes about 7 minutes to reach on foot.

Originally built in 1595, the temple is over 400 years old. Throughout the Meiji and Taisho era, many literary artists walked around here (writers such as Izumi Kyouka, and Ozaki Kouyou).

In 1945, the temple was burnt to ashes when Tokyo was attacked in WW2. Six years later, it was rebuilt and restored.

Originally from India, ‘Bishamonten’ came to be an important figure in Japanese Buddhism. He has the role of protecting places where Buddha taught, as well as being one of the Seven Japanese gods of fortune.

How about going for a visit yourself? You just might receive some luck or fortune of your own! ☺


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