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What is “say when” in Japanese?: Ii tokoro de ittene いいところでいってね


When you are pouring someone a drink, you can use the expression, ‘ii tokoro de itte ne’ to ask them how much is enough.

Japanese Example
A: ウイスキーは、どのくらい入れる?つぐから、いいところで言ってね。
B: もうちょっと、もうちょっと、はいオッケー!

English Translation

A: How much whiskey would you like? I’ll pour, so say when.

B: A little bit more, more, yep, OK!

“Ii-tte itte ne” or “stop-tte itte ne” also means “say when.”People seem to have their own expressions. Unlike in English, there are many ways to say this.



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