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What’s a Riajuu?
The term Riajuu is an abbreviation of a Japanese phrase that means “A person who lives a fulfilling real life”. In particular, “ria” originates from “riaru”, the Japanese reading of “real”, and “juu” comes from “juujitsu”, the Japanese word for “fulfilling”. Here, real life refers to life in the real world, as opposed to life in the virtual world of anime, games, and the like. A person may be enthusiastic about anime characters or idols, and therefore, experience pseudo-love. However, if that person does not have a boyfriend or a girlfriend in real life, that person will not be a Riajuu.

When the term Riajuu is used, there is usually a hint of jealousy.
Example: At an idol’s concert

A: 最近、○○ちゃん、見ないね。
B: 彼氏ができたらしいから、そっちで忙しいんじゃないの。
A: ○○ちゃんも、リア充か。

A: Saikin, XX chan, minai ne.
B: Kareshi ga dekita rashii kara, shocchi de isogashiin ja naino.
A: XX chan mo riajuu ka.

A: I haven’t seen __ around lately.
B: She just got a boyfriend, so she’s probably been busy with him.
A: So __ has become a Riajuu too.

Example: A conversation between some women

A: 来週の花火大会、行くでしょ?
B: 女同士ってさみしくない?
A: まあね。リア充見せられるの、けっこうきついかも。

A: Raishuu no hanabi taikai, iku desho?
B: Onna doushi tte samishikunai?
A: Maane.  Riajuu miserareruno, kekkou kitsui kamo.

A: We’re going to the Fireworks Festival next week, right?
B: Isn’t it quite sad if we go by ourselves, without any guys with us?
A: Yeah, I guess you’re right. It might hurt quite a bit to see all those Riajuu couples together.

Personally, when I see my friends post pictures of themselves with their boyfriends or girlfriends, or upload photos of their children on Facebook, I would think, “This person is a Riajuu.”

Nonetheless, loving virtual characters or idols and feeling satisfied from that is also a part of a person’s real life. Hence, in that sense, isn’t someone like that a Riajuu too? What do you think?

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